Project Planning for Success (Construction Execution Plan)

Please note that this course will take place on June 29 & 30 from 10am - 1pm (12 to 3pm EDT). 
It will be delivered via Adobe Connect.  Participants will require a stable internet connection with access to audio tools (headset or speakers & microphone).


Effective and thorough project planning prior to commencement of work on a new site is essential to the overall success of any construction project. Often focus is mainly directed at winning the work and a rush to start the job, rarely is there adequate time given to taking the time and planning the work in advance. In general, the Construction Execution Plan answers these questions:
  • What must be done?
  • Who will do it?
  • How will it be done?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What are the deliverables?
  • How will quality be maintained?
  • What is the schedule?
Without a Construction Execution Plan, a company has planned to fail and will most likely impact profitability.
This seminar will discuss the elements of creating an efficient and organized Construction Execution Plan which includes: understanding scope, contractual requirements and budget, assigning the best project team, site logistics, sequence of work, schedule, project resources and identifying risk and opportunity etc.. The Construction Execution Plan should effectively communicate, in simple language, the sequence of events required to construct the project and to meet key milestones. Once complete, it can be used to provide information to others about how the project will be managed and constructed, and as a “road map” for the project team members to identify how the project will be constructed.
In addition, participants will be engaged in creating a plan using “Project Milestone Planning”. At the start of a construction project the project team will identify certain “milestone” dates to regroup to assess the success of the Construction Execution Plan to that point, what is working, what is not and to revisit the Plan for the work to be accomplished to the next milestone.
Exclusive to this workshop is a comprehensive manual that is used as a reference and guide throughout the sessions. The manual is based on accumulated knowledge gathered over 40 years in the construction industry. It is a valuable and effective tool that contains not only practical how-to’s, checklists and templates but will also be a foundation for new processes and procedures back in the office or on the jobsite.
Virtual Classroom Sessions: 2 sessions of 3 hours each
Gold Seal Credits: 1

Event Details

Event Starts Jun 29, 2021 10:00 am
Event Ends Jun 30, 2021 1:00 pm
Capacity 15
Registration & Cancellation Deadline Jun 22, 2021 5:00 pm
Individual Price $300 Members, $400 Non-Members
Speaker Lee Kelly, Constructing Minds
Number Hours 6

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