Additional Services

In addition to the major services that we provide through Tender Opportunities, Education, Networking Events, and Advocacy, the Saskatoon Construction Association is proud to be a hub for additional services that our members require to conduct their businesses.  For information on any of these services, please see the list below or contact us at 306-653-1771 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CCDC Contracts & Guides

CCDC Contracts & Guides

CCDC Documents are familiar industry standards that provide balance, uniformity and standardization for bidding and contracting procedures.  Hardcopy, and electronic copies of these documents, along with the corresponding copyright seals can only be purchased from an authorized document outlet.  The Saskatoon Construction Association is the only provider in Saskatoon. 


CCDC Documents are used to:

  • Provide balance, uniformity and standardization for bidding and contracting procedures

Protect the interests and preserve the rights of all parties involved in a construction project, without assigning undue risk to any one party

Give serious consideration of the rights, interests and obligations of all parties

Decrease the risk of claims and disputes as a result of unbalanced contracts, which add needless expense and time to the construction process.


Who can use CCDC Documents?

Approximately 50,000 copies of the CCDC documents are used by members of the Canadian construction industry each year.  CCDC Documents, including Contract Forms, Standard Forms, Guides and Bulletins, are intended for use by all construction industry participants, including owners, design professionals, construction managers, legal professionals, contractors and subcontractors.  CCDC Documents are being used by public contracting authorities, including provincial and municipal governments, as well as the private sector on both large and small projects, for both new construction and renovation.  


To find out more information about CCDC Documents, please visit the CCDC website.

For information on current Member & Non-Member Pricing for CCDC Documents, click here.

CCA Standard Documents

CCA Standard Documents

CCA Standard Documents are another way to help simplify the way you conduct business and save time and money by using standard contract documents that are up-to-date, easy to understand and familiar to all parties. Most documents are available in hardcopy and electronic formats. In addition to purchasing individual standard documents, you can order a full set of CCA standard documents either in hardcopy or electronic format.

To find out more information about CCA Standard Documents, please visit the CCA website

For information on current Member & Non-Member Pricing for CCA Standard Documents, click here.

Commissioner for Oaths & Notary Public Services

Commissioner for Oaths

The Saskatoon Construction Association has multiple Commissioner for Oaths on staff for any Statutory Declarations (Stat Decs) or other signatory requirements.

A Commissioner for Oaths can:

  • Administer oaths
  • Administer and receive affirmations
  • Receive declarations

Please note that Commissioners for Oaths commission documents to be used in Saskatchewan only.


Notary Public

The Saskatoon Construction Association has a Notary Public on staff for signatures by appointment.  

A Notary Public can:

  • Notarize official documents such as Passport Documents, Birth Certificates, or Homestead Documents;
  • Administer oaths;
  • Administer and receive affirmations;
  • Receive declarations;
  • Issue deeds and contracts, charter-parties and other mercantile documents in Saskatchewan; and
  • Attest to commercial instruments (documents) brought before him or her in Saskatchewan.

Notary public documents to be used both in and out of Saskatchewan. 


Members receive signatures as a complimentary service, for non-members this charge is $15 + gst.

Saskatchewan Bid Depository Incorporated

The Bid Depository System was formally organized in 1966 in Saskatchewan to provide the Construction Industry with a uniform and practical system for Subcontractors to submit their tenders to the General Contractors. The System is generally accepted by all levels of Municipal and Provincial Governments, as well as the design profession, other owners and tendering authorities.The mission of SBDI is, "to promote the use of the SBDI Bid Depository System.  The system is a bid collection process, which seeks to provide fair representation to subcontractors, general contractors and owners".

In Saskatchewan, there are four local Bid Depositories which operate under the management of the applicable Construction Association as well as two drop-off locations.  The Saskatoon Construction Association serves as the head office for SBDI. 

For more information and to download a free copy of the SBDI User's, click here!


SBI Head Office (Saskatoon Construction Association Office):

Contact: Deb Labersweiler, Provincial Secretary
532 2nd Ave N.
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 2C5
Telephone: (306) 653-1771
Fax: (306) 653-3515
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.