• Tender Services

    All the current commercial construction jobs & pre-bid opportunities updated & available in one place, 24/7.

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  • Education

    Proven presenters & education targeted to our members needs & evolving industry trends

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  • Networking

    Connecting members through the industry's most sought after & exclusive events

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  • Advocacy

    Giving voice to the commercial construction industry’s interests at the local, provincial & national levels

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Who We Are

The Saskatoon Construction Association is a non-profit organization with a mandate to provide tendering, education and networking opportunities to over 575 members active in the commercial construction industry in our province.  Our association has proudly been serving the commercial, industrial, and institutional construction industry in Saskatchewan since 1931.  


What We Do

Project Information, Online Planroom & Pre-Bid Reports

Through an online planroom subscription, members can access to up-to-date tendering and construction opportunities, that we work hard to actively seek out and maintain the most up-to-date projects commercial construction projects. Last year the association provided members with over 2161 projects through this program.
In addition to current projects, we are currently redeveloping information we are able to provide our members on Pre-Bid projects, so that organizations are prepared for these jobs once they come to tender or if they are procured in alternative ways. In 2016/2017 we relaunched this format to provide a better tool for our members, which provided over 400 tracked, pre-bid opportunities totalling over $9.5 billion in construction projects.

Education & Networking

The Association’s education and events are strategically targeted to member & industry needs and are some of the top opportunities for individuals and organizations in commercial construction to build their skills and networks.


In most cases, membership in the Saskatoon Construction Association automatically registers a member of both the Saskatchewan and Canadian Construction Associations. The mandate of these organizations is to provide a collective voice for issues pertaining to the construction industry at the provincial and national levels and work towards change for a better industry overall. 

Events calendar

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Mon-Fri 8am - 4:30pm
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